A Localvore and Foodie paradise! Main Street Markets is designed to share with our community the vibrant and diverse foods that Maine has to offer. We are the home to local, small-batch, artisan and specialty foods. Our clean, yet rustic decor creates a warm environment that shines light on local farms and food products.

We wish to share the stories of each product, and the passionate farmers and producers behind that product’s label. Visit Main Street Markets, where one day you may meet one of our trusted farmers delivering a box of vibrant watermelon radishes, meet a local artisan sampling their small-batch goodness, or get lucky and catch our unique foraged vegetables and mushrooms that are native to the beautiful state of Maine.

We are lucky to know our farmers and food producers personally, and are proud to offer their products, and share their stories with you. Our meats and eggs come to us from small Maine farms without hormones and antibiotics. Through our selection process, we ensure all animals are raised with high standards of animal husbandry that align with the values we carry throughout the market. Often these processes exceed many organic and humane label requirements. We believe firmly in quality, and partnering with trusted farmers and producers that share those values with us.

Our Team

Meet Jennifer

Maine Food Maven & Proprietor
Toast and juice lover & magnificent scarf collector
Favorite Maine Food: Gryffon Ridge Spice Blends. Loving Adobo Seco for my Squachos!

Meet Tim

Cafe & Kitchen Manager,  Master Chef
Formerly trading energy on Wall Street in New York before becoming a chef. His chili and soups are award-winning.
Favorite Cuisine to Cook: Indian Food

Meet Gabe

Team Leader
Also an herbalist
Favorite Grocery Item: Mi Nina Jalapeno Agave Chips

Meet Arlene

A Goat Farmer and Master Cheese Maker

Grocery & Produce Buyer

Favorite Food: Local Maine Cheese and Yogurt “Maine has the best milk”

Meet Kiwi

Harry Potter Fan

Baker and Sous Chef

Favorite Thing to Whip Up: Gluten-Free and Vegan Goodies

Meet Kathy

Has two pet ferrets

Team Member

Favorite Foods: Chia Seed Pudding, Roasted Brussels Sprouts & Anything with Sriracha

Meet John

Theater Fanatic

Maintenance and Produce

Favorite Vegetable:

Meet Julia

Starred in her high school play

Team Member

Favorite Sandwich: Tuna Melt

Meet Mackenzie

Avid Ice Fisher

Team Member

Favorite Menu Item: Spicy Juice

Our Partners

Maine Crisp Co, Royal Rose Syrups, New England Cupboard, Zenbear Honey Tea, Maine Gold, Frontier Sugarworks, Gryffon Ridge Spices, Above the Dam, MacIntosh Farms, Turtle Rock Farms, Heiwa Tofu, Lucy’s Granola, Brazen Baking, Little Lads, Cameron Clan, When Pigs Fly, Hootin Gluten Free, Dandelion Spring, Morning Dew, Guini Ridge, Tide Mill, Imagine Dairy, Dooryard, Dharma, Fuzzy Udder, Coppertail Farm, The Milkhouse, Balfour